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Do you grind your teeth?

Grinding or clenching your teeth at night can lead to a number of dental disorders and significant pain for the sufferer. When teeth are ground together, a pressure is exerted that is 20 to 30 times that of normal biting. Night grinding often occurs in children up to the age of six or seven, but they tend to grow out of it. Night grinding becomes a problem when it continues into adulthood. Teeth grinding and clenching relief has now arrived. Orthodontically developed in the USA, StressGard has proven itself to be effective in protecting the teeth and jaw from the effects of teeth grinding and clenching, a problem commonly known as bruxism. The StressGard Night-Time Dental Guard has been designed with a patented flexible groove to help you deal with the daily stress and tension that may cause you to clench and grind your teeth.

How do I know If I grind?

Most of us do not know we are grinding our teeth. Many times it is your dentist or hygenist that will first see the wear on your teeth and inform you about your grinding. Many times it is your sleep partner that tells you after being kept awake by your grinding. Some other signs are sore fascial muscles, morning headaches and neck and ear pain.

What is it?causescauses What causes night grinding?

Night grinding, or bruxism, is very common; what is unusual is that many people have no idea they are doing it. Often, the first knowledge of the night grinding or clenching of teeth is when a partner reveals that you are gnashing away in your sleep! There are two main causes; malocclusion, which is where your teeth do not meet properly or, stress related illnesses. The idea that teeth poorly meeting causes night grinding is not one all dentists agree on. However, for some, having their teeth properly aligned does reduce the night grinding. The most supported theory is that night grinding is a way to release tension, caused by the stresses of the day..

Did you know?

Research estimates that approximately 80% of Americans suffer from clenching and grinding at some point. Teeth grinding can cause enamel loss and damage to the TMJ joint.

Do you suffer from Myofacial Tension?

Do you even know what myofacial tension is? Myofacial tension is the over activation of the facial (jaw) muscles caused by clenching and grinding that can lead to serious jaw pain, headaches and subsequent neck and shoulder pain. By allowing these muscles to relax, The Stessgard® Night Guard will help relieve the discomfort caused by myofacial tension.

Without StressGard®

Without StressGard®

StressGard® Night Guard is small, comfortable... and effective!

There are other products in the marketplace to help treat the symptoms of clenching (bruxing) and grinding. But none are as unobtrusive and comfortable as The StressGard® Night Guard. Some other products will cost as much as $70 and you could spend between $250 - $1,000 at your dentist! Don't be fooled, the StressGard® Night Guard is every bit as effective, but it's smaller and much more comfortable.

No Boiling or Molding. Ready to use.

Finally! A night guard that doesn't require boiling. The StressGard® Night Guard can also be worn comfortably on the upper or lower teeth. Indeed unique.

Treat Bruxism With StressGard

By using the StressGard®, you provide a cushion between your upper and lower teeth thus helping protect them from the effects of grinding. Our non boil, ready to use NightGuard is not only simple but cost effective. Along with the StressGard®, simple steps can be taken to help. Stress reduction exercises throughout the day are very helpful. Also, try avoiding hard foods for a short time and apply moist heat to sore jaw muscles.
Mark Johnson

The StressGard® NightGuard works by providing a cushion between the upper and lower teeth

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Mark Johnson

"I bought your stressgard about 2 months ago and love it! I actually don't mind wearing it at night. I have bought the ones you boil and fit to your teeth, too big and bulky. Thank you so much. This night guard is the best."

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