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Totalgard® was founded in 1997 and has been commited to designing oral care products ever since. Totalgard® currently sells two products, Totalgard® Athletic Mouthguard and the Stressgard® Nighttime Dental Guard, to over 70% of the AAO Orthodontists. Totalgard® products are designed by an orthodontist, Dr. James Bancroft, who has successfully produced the most effective oral care products combined with ease of use and comfort.

StressGard Night Time Dental Guard

Stressgard® Night Time Dental Guard - The comfortable, easy-fit night time dental guard, was developed to address the needs of those who grind and/or clench their teeth. Grinding and clenching can cause damage to your teeth, chipped teeth, loose fillings and loss of emamel. The StressGard® Night Time Dental Guard provides a cushion between your upper and lower teeth thus helping to protect them from the harmful effects of grinding and clenching.


The TotalGard® Athletic Mouthguard was designed to fit over all braces and orthodontic appliances (i.e. palatal expanders/retainers). It was designed to fit comfortably and not interfere with orthodontic treatment. It helps protect both upper and lower teeth.


Everyone loves the elegance of a tart or pie. We offer bite-sized tartlettes for a quick sweet treat or large dramatic tarts and pies.

Mark Johnson

The StressGard® NightGuard works by providing a cushion between the upper and lower teeth

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Relieve Night time Grinding

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Sports Mouth Guard

The standard boil-n-bite or custom made mouth guards have always been difficult for children

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Mark Johnson

"I bought your stressgard about 2 months ago and love it! I actually don't mind wearing it at night. I have bought the ones you boil and fit to your teeth, too big and bulky. Thank you so much. This night guard is the best."

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